Beaver Grease
A range of products by 'The Cast Bullet Kid'
Beaver Grease™ Patch Lube (solid).
Beaver Grease™ Patch Lube is best described as a 'solid liquid'.  Beaver Grease™ Patch Lube is a very fine balance of ingredients that creates a firm paste that upon contact with skin or cloth patch almost instantly becomes a semi liquid for ease of application.
Formulated specifically to aid in easy loading of patched round balls in muzzleloading firearms, Beaver Grease™ Patch Lube is heavy enough to provide superior lubrication but light enough not to create accuracy destroying fouling.  As with Beaver Grease™ Original, Beaver Grease™ Patch Lube is a non petroleum based lubricant that assists in keeping black powder fouling soft  and manageable.

Beaver Grease™ Patch Lube is easy to use.
Simply remove the screw lid, lay the cloth patch face down on the surface of the lubricant and wipe gently around until an even coating of lube is applied.  Experiment with the correct amount to use for your particular rifle as excessive amounts of lube may result is a loss of accuracy.  Patches may be coated and placed face to face for storage or lubed at time of use. Each 130gr tub of Beaver Grease™ Patch Lube is sufficient to lubricate approximately 500 .45 calibre patches.  THAT's a power of shooting!

"The Cast Bullet Kid's Round Ball Workshop"
Want to know how to wring top accuracy out of your round ball rifle?  There are no secrets.
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Beaver Grease™ Patch Lube (liquid).
Beaver Grease™ Liquid Patch Lube is the latest addition to the muzzleloader range.  Formulated for spray on application and packaged in a handy sized 100ml spray bottle Beaver Grease™ Liquid Patch Lube can be applied at the time of loading or in advance with patches allowed to dry and  stored away for later use.  Rich in lanolin, one of the best all natural and sustainable lubricants known to mankind with a friction coefficient in the same domain as Teflon, Beaver Grease™ Liquid Patch Lube works in two ways to produce premium accuracy:

1) Providing a lubricating function between patch material and barrel steel to prevent torn patches.
2) Coating the bore and groove of the barrel with a microscopic layer of lubricant to decrease the adhesion of powder fouling resulting in spikes in pressures/velocities.

Easy to use:
Simply spray onto precut patches until the surface of the patch is visibly wet.  Load immediately or allow to dry for later use.  DO NOT over apply as excess lube will not produce top notch accuracy.  Some experimenting may be required.