Beaver Grease
A range of products by 'The Cast Bullet Kid'
Beaver Grease ™ 'Tween Shots Wipin' Fluid.
Beaver Grease ™ 'Tween Shots Wipin' Fluid has be formulated to assist muzzleloader shooters  to maintain a consistent bore condition from shot to shot.  The most harmful factor in black powder accuracy is a build up of hard fouling producing a variation in internal ballistics from one shot to the next.  Even quality powders may leave up to 50% of the weight of the original charge in the bore as fouling after combustion—budget priced powders even more!  As the fouling acculmulates in the bore of the firearm loading becomes increasingly difficult and velocities, pressures and barrel harmonics fluctuate causing accuracy fall off.

Beaver Grease ™ 'Tween Shots Wipin' Fluid acts to neutralise these harmfull influences by:
1) providing moisture to the cleaning patch to prevent it becoming stuck in the barrel.
2) cutting and dissolving black powder fouling and absorbing it onto the patch.
3) evaporating away after wiping leaving only a very thin film of fluild to assist in loading the next shot.

For best results use a clean patch for EVERY shot to be sure of maximum consistency.  Consistency will win on the day.

250ml application pack or 500ml refill.