Beaver Grease
A range of products by 'The Cast Bullet Kid'
Beaver Grease ™ Cap ‘ Ball Lubricant.
By popular demand we are pleased to announce the release of Beaver Grease ™ Cap ‘n Ball, an extension of the Beaver Grease™ range of products.
Beaver Grease ™ Cap ‘n Ball is a softer version of Beaver Grease ™ Original formulated specifically for those shooters who require a lubricant for use with cap and ball revolving arms, both handgun and rifle.  Engineered from the same proven ingredients in Beaver Grease ™ Original, Beaver Grease ™ Cap ‘n Ball has the consistency of semi soft “butter” products that when manipulated with a knife becomes workable and perfect for application over seated projectiles in revolver cylinders.  All year round Beaver Grease ™ Cap ‘n Ball is firm enough not to run or flow yet soft enough to apply with ease.   As with all Beaver Grease ™ lubricants ’Cap ’n Ball’  is free of any petroleum based products so as to aid in maintaining soft black powder fouling. Packaging may vary from that shown.

Suitable also for use with Minie projectiles.
Due to its soft and workable consistency Beaver Grease ™ Cap ‘n Ball is very suitable and recommended for hand application on muzzleloading Minie style projectiles.  Many Minie shooters find that due to the huge internally surface area in these larger caliber weapons, filling both the grooves and base of the bullet is best way to apply sufficient lubricant to the bore of their rifle in order to keep the residual black powder fouling soft .  This is especially useful in shooting events where cleaning between shots is prohibited—IE: the MLIAC military rifle event.