Beaver Grease
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About Beaver Grease™ Original Bullet Lube.
As New Zealand's only commerically available, domestically produced, multipurpose cast bullet lubricant.  Beaver Grease™ Original is the answer to the prayers of both black powder and smokeless propellent users all in one package.  Originally specifically formulated for superior performance in black powder firearms, Beaver Grease™ Original also produces outstanding results in modern smokeless ammunition from subsonic through high velocity loadings in excess of 2600fps.  The Beaver Grease™ Original formula expedites the passage of the bullet towards the muzzle of the firearm lubricating the bore as the projectile accelerates.  The resulting deposit left by the lube continues to greatly reduce or eliminate leading and assists in keeping black powder fouling soft and manageable.  Beaver Grease™ Original works especially well in black powder cartridge rifles when used in conjunction with a blow tube in order to forego the need to wipe the bore between shots.

Why does it exist?
Beaver Grease™ Original was formulated for one major reason.   Whilst there are many very good foreign products available for black powder shooting by shear nature of being imported from the northern hemisphere, they end up costing a great deal to US.  Beaver Grease™ Original is a domestic product made from domestically sourced  ingredients so is not subject to currency exchanges and freight costs (plus many others).  My goal is to provide a local product on a par with the worlds best but at a more competitive price. 

Using Beaver Grease ™ Original.
Being a soft lubricant at normal room temperature Beaver Grease™ Original may be applied to lead alloy bullets via all standard lubrisizers, by hand, or by pan lubing.  We highly recommend that when pan lubing,  Beaver Grease™ Original be melted only in a double boiler or similar situation and never exposed to direct heat that may adversely affect the molecular structure of the lubricant and can lead to disappointing results.  Microwave ovens on MEDIUM setting may also be used.  It may also be useful to pre warm projectiles prior to adding melted Beaver Grease™ Original to the pan to ensure that the bullet lube grooves fill completely and fully before the lubricant solidifies.  This may be done by laying the projectiles out on a flat surface then placing them in a warm oven (50-80 degrees Celsius) for 20 minutes to warm through.   Please note that batch to batch colour  variations occur with this all natural product.
Available as 50gr hollow sticks, 175gr & 400gr tubs.