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Jeff Brown aka ........."The Cast Bullet Kid"
Christchurch (formerly Dunedin), New Zealand.  I have been shooting since 1986, playing with cast bullets now for some 30 years and wrote about it in NZ Guns & Hunting for about 25.  I am  a keen shooter of black powder muzzle loading rifles and presently have two .40cal long arms, one percussion, the other a hand built (by myself) flintlock.   I shoot both of these rifles in competition and likewise both go hunting with me chasing rabbits, hares, wallabies and the odd goat. 
Cast bullet shooting has taught me an enormous amount about shooting, ballistics and most of all.......PATIENCE.  I am presently casting bullets for calibers .22 Hornet, .223, 6.5X52mm Carcano, .303 British, .303 Pygmy wildcat, .32-20, .310 Cadet, .30/30 WCF and both muzzleloaders.
As with all hobbies and pass times, cast bullet shooting is a continual journey of learning and experimenting.  I am by no means an authority on the subject but I do have a lot of fun and enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gleaned so far.