Beaver Grease
A range of products by 'The Cast Bullet Kid'
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BG original 50gr stick $8.00, 175gr $20.00, 400gr $40.00
BG Walnut media, 1kg $15.00
Pre cut patches, 150 $12.50, SAMPLER (60) $10.00
Liquid Patch Lube, 100ml, $14.50
Metallic case sizing lubricant, 100ml , $12.50
'Tween Shots, 250ml spray $20.00, 500ml refill $20.00
Beaut Bootz $25.00 per 350g
Patch lube $12.50 per 130g
Bootz $20.00 per 200g
'Essence of Romney', $15.00 per 400g