Beaver Grease
A range of products by 'The Cast Bullet Kid'
BG 'Beaut Bootz'
Leather treatment and conditioner.
Love Ya Boots.

BG ’Beaut Bootz’ is lanolin rich (which is why it will smell a little like of uncle's woolshed or that pet sheep you had) and formulated from all natural animal fats and waxes to provide water resistance, softening and protection for leather items, particularly boots.   Leather naturally dries out over time and benefits greatly from a restorative treatment to nourish the fibres.  BG 'Beaut Bootz' treats leather the same way dermatological moisturisers restore the condition of your skin.  Because of its all natural, non petroeum/synthethic formulation BG 'Beaut Bootz' will not harm your stitching or laminated surfaces. 

HOW TO USE: Remove all dirt and foreign material from the surface of the leather.  Apply to dry surfaces only for best results using a soft cloth and rub well into the leather.  Your ‘Beaut Bootz’ may be surface frim and require working with a knife to soften and reveal the paste below.  Warming the boots in the sun or near a heater prior to treatment aids in application and absorption. 

GO ON!  Give something back to your long suffering boots and breathe a little life back into them.
Love Ya Boots.

Suitable for other leather items also.