Beaver Grease
A range of products by 'The Cast Bullet Kid'
Beaver Grease™ Case Sizing Lubricatant.
Another innovation from Beaver Grease is the NEW sizing lubricant for metallic cartridge reloading.  Supplied in a 100ml flip top bottle Beaver Grease Case Sizing Lubricant is easy to apply to fingers or lube pads in its liquid form.  Available for immediate use it also leaves a thin residual amount of lubricant, for future use, on lube pads as the 'carrier' evaporates.  Rich in all natural and sustainable lanolin, a fatty acid extract for sheep wool the uses for which extend from skin treatments to industrial applications.   Bullet swagers and manufactures have long be aware of the attributes of lanolin when the pressure comes on and Corbins specifically recommend it for use with their bullet swaging forming dies.
Beaver Grease Case Sizing Lubricant is easily removed from sized brass simply by wipingthe cases with a soft, dry rag.  It will also leave your hands soft and smooth. 
As is the case with all of the Beaver Grease lubricating products; less is often best.  Of course we like repeat business but more importantly we want our products to work for you.